Our Products

  • 100% Cotton,
  • Cotton stretch,
  • Cotton/Metal,
  • Polyester/Cottona and Stretch,
  • Polyester/Viscose and Stretch,
  • PCotton/Nylon and Stretch,
  • Tactel companion,
  • Tencel companion,
  • Linen companion,
  • Wool companion,
  • T 400

Fabric products are produced.

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Our certificates

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Dye substances used in the textile products have carcinogen effect is explained. These products contacting with our body affect directly our skin. With this responsibility in mind, Lutuf Textile produces harmless products to health and environment.

Our products are designed and produced exclusively to your needs. Our experienced personnel and large machinery enables us to offer our customer fast solutions and samples.

To develop new products and adding new ones among our products is a constant target for us.

Please communicate with us aboutyour demand fabric weaving.

Our engineering and technicians will offer you with quality and right products after necessary evaluations.

In a world where limits are meaningless, the sole way of creating a permanent competition understanding is the quality. For Lutuf Group, quality is not a target, but a voyage. The aim of this voyage is to continuously look for what is better for our customers, employees, suppliers, environment and community. And this will be sustained by adopting Total Quality Management as a lifestyle. Therefore;

  • We believe that satisfaction and loyalty of our customer will be determined by quality of our product and services. Thus, we should be in the pursuit of "perfect" by maintaining continuous improvement and development activities in our products and services, in all processes that we managed.
  • Our employees are the most significant asset of us. For continuous improvement of quality, commitment in a family sense, training and sustaining satisfaction of our employees are the essence.
  • We aim to continuously meet the expectations of our employees, customers and shareholders by developing competitive advantage and increasing profitability.
  • Quality input is the preliminary condition for quality product. Thus, we regard our suppliers as an integral part of quality system and business partners.
  • We are aware of our responsibility to environment and community and contribute in their development.
  • Quality products are produced in the quality environment. Each of our employees, notably our directors, are responsible from keeping workplace environment "safe, clean, orderly".
Lutuf Mensucat Fabric Quality

Guidelines of Our Quality Culture

  • To be sensitive about internal and external customer requirements.
  • To be transparent and reliable.
  • To communicate based on data.
  • To be open to changes.
  • Making right at a time.
  • To possess.
  • To involve in preventive activities.

All individuals of Lutuf Textile family pronounce that they believe in their persist in endeavoring towards realizing in quality policy in compliance with above guideline and wish that Total Quality insight will enlighten our life, relations and work by developing it.

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